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The strategic aim of Arany János Primary School in Kecskemét, Széchenyi District is to harmonize and to consolidate its talent supporting programme.

Its further aim is to provide the students (children and young people) of the school with efficient and age-appropriate assistance in identifying and evolving their talents and in the development of their skills in multiple ways.

Scope and network cooperation on local/institutional/municipal levels

We participate in a complex talent care programme. The talent care traditions have a long history and they guarantee that talents are recognized in time and cultivated in a proper way. Our talent cultivating work is done in the fields of education, arts, and sports. Our students take part in 100 competitions every year, and we have outstanding results on municipal, county, regional and national levels in educational, artistic and sports contests year by year.

Talent care is realised during the lessons and in extracurricular framework, in the course of which we aim to search for talented students, evolve and develop their skills and competitive spirit and encourage them to enter into competitions.

Based on previous years? competence measurement results and on its innovative efforts, our school has been selected into the group of the 15 most effective schools in the region. We organized 3 professional workshops as part of Mentoring Network 2.0 programme of the University of Szeged last year.

We take part in numerous educational, artistic, sports and other competitions organized by local schools.

We also organize competitions such as ?Varjú Lajos? Regional Memorial Competition in Natural Sciences; ?Arany János? Mathematics Competition, ?Aranyos? Regional Chess Championship, ?Varjú Lajos? Volleyball Cup.

We offer advanced level Mathematics and foreign language education for our students. It is supported by study groups and increased number of weekly lessons in the first and second years.

Our school runs a number of study groups and talent care workshops. Our colleagues give demonstrational lessons on municipal level in Mathematics and in other natural sciences.

A great number of our students represent the school on workshops, presentations and events organized by partner institutions.

Our sports life has a long history. We devote increased attention to healthy lifestyle; our students have been ranked on state level in various sports on Student Olympics.

The fine arts and drama faculties of ?Jövőnkért? (For our future) Primary Art School are held in our school. Exhibitions and demonstrations are regularly held in the school.

Nearly 100 students from our school learn to play an instrument in M. Bodon Pál Music School.

The school choir has got a lot of members. They regularly perform on municipal and school events.

The children?s drama group is called ?SZÍN-LELŐK? and they generally appear on municipal festivals.

The professional relationship with ?Lánchíd? Street Sports Primary School during the school year is also of great importance. ?Lánchíd? Street Primary School is a sports school in public education, it is also a mentoring institution, and ?Arany János? Primary School has taken part in numerous professional presentations and workshops within the framework of their programme called ?Learn in a Sporty Way?.

Our contacts with the surrounding partner organisations and associations also help supporting  talent support.

We have close contacts with the Talent Point of ?Bolyai János? Grammar School, since many school leavers from our primary school continue their studies in this grammar school. Our school is represented on their contests in Mathematics, Information Technology, Hungarian and German language every year.

We have contacts on a daily basis with ?Bányai Júlia? 8 Class Grammar School as a Talent Point, as many of our students choose to enter eight-class secondary education after the fourth year. We participate in an application for natural science laboratories together with ?Bányai Júlia? Grammar School with a declaration of cooperation.

We organize Talent Days of Natural Sciences in cooperation with ?Katona József? Grammar School where the improvement of logical thinking is in the focus of attention. A number of our students continue their studies in the 6- or 8-year secondary education of the grammar school.

We regularly organize sports afternoons and talent days together with Spartacus Association, a talent point.

We have had a partner school relationship with Primary School No1 in Marosvásárhely for 5 years. Groups of teachers, students and parents have regular meetings within the exchange programme.

Our colleagues apply for the courses of the Hungarian Talent Support Organization every year.

Our talent support programme is related to the Talent Strategy of Kecskemét to a great extent. We organize a talent day together with the Kecskemét Talent Support Council every year.


A large number of visitors take part in talent days, professional workshops and other events. They fill in satisfaction measuring forms every time and we take the results into consideration when the next event is organised.

Financing the organisation of events comes from cooperation on more levels: with the support of the town Kecskemét, of the Fund operating the school, parents? support, sponsorship and applications.


We have the following aims by joining the European network:






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